March Releases Available From CMON

By Polar_Bear
In Arcadia Quest
Mar 31st, 2017

It’s the last day of the month. We’re 1/4 of the way through the year. The summer heat isn’t far away. Time to get your board game collection bulked up and get set for some hot months ahead (or cold ones, if you’re down south). CMON’s got a whole bunch of new releases available today that you can pick up at your LGS.

From the announcement:

The long, cold Winter is finally showing signs of giving way to Spring. Birds are flying north, the days are getting longer, and new life is sprouting up all around us. It’s a time for fresh beginnings, and it’s only fitting that CMON has some exciting new releases coming to your FLGS today.

Masomorra: Dungeons of Arcadia is a stand-alone addition to the world of Arcadia Quest. The ancient dungeons of Masmorra have long served as a training ground for the Heroes of the city. The dark halls provide a place to practice combat techniques, try out new spells, and spar with other heroes without putting any citizens in danger. However, the evil wizard Malaphyas has taken over Masmorra and now controls its many tunnels and underground chambers. Players will take control of a Hero and delve deep into the dungeons, exploring the magical training grounds and looking to defeat the evil wizard in his subterranean lair. Throughout the game, players will earn experience points for defeating monsters, opening treasure chests, disarming traps, and exploring rooms. The different rooms of the dungeons are added randomly, so every game you play is a new adventure. Fans of Arcadia Quest and people new to the series will love Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia.

Speaking of Arcadia Quest, the hotly anticipated Arcadia Quest: Inferno is now available at your FLGS. In this stand-alone adventure, The Underlord has captured the Angels guarding Arcadia and dragged the entire city into the molten recesses below the surface. Inferno features a brand new campaign, with twelve playable scenarios the Heroes have to fight through, using Arcadia Quest’s unique Player Vs. Player vs. Environment system. Inferno also introduces the power of Damnation. It can grant special abilities, but threatens to corrupt those that use it.

If you’re looking to cool things down after that hot adventure, we have good news. The Frost Dragon for Arcadia Quest is also available now. In what can barely be called a miniature, the Frost Dragon figure towers over the city of Arcadia, causing great problems for the Heroes, blowing its frost breath everywhere and encasing the city in blocks of ice. The Frost Dragon is the perfect foe to add on to the end of any campaign. For once, the guilds of Arcadia will have to put their differences aside and join forces, to first ground the beast and then defeat it!

March is a big month for fans of Arcadia Quest, but there is a lot more CMON content coming to your FLGS!

XenoShyft: Dreadmire is the latest mission for the members of the NorTec Corporation as they seek to strip mine another planet for its highly valuable Xenosathem. Unfortunately, the insectoid residents of the planet have a different idea. Players take control of the military forces protecting the interests of the NorTec Corporation. They’ll square off against wave after wave of attacking Brood forces, as they try to protect the base and their own lives. They’re able to take advantage of some of the latest in military technology like the Stalker’s Blade, the Vulcan Gatling Gun, and the Helios Chem Gun. They’re going to need it too, as they face off against horrible foes like the Toxic Shambler, the Scavenger Leech, and the Ripper Eel. However, this mission also presents a whole new challenge. The weather of this distant planet is unpredictable and that will work towards the advantage of the Brood. Each round, the Weather will change, making some of the Brood creatures more powerful in their assault. Players need to work together to keep the base safe and fight off the alien menace. Only through cooperation will they survive.

Being the son of a God isn’t always easy, especially when it’s Uranus. Your father has always believed in the power of war and violence, but in Kreus, you have a chance to show him a kinder way. The goal of Kreus is to build the four layers of a planet based on peace and friendship. Players have to work together to lay down Nature cards and complete them with the required Element cards. Complicating maters, players will only be able to communicate by spending Energy tokens. They will have to interpret the messages they get and trust their team to make the right moves if they’re going to prove to their father that a planet based on peace can survive and even thrive. Kreus is the second collaboration between CMON and Sweet Games after the critically acclaimed The Grizzled. It is a tight, challenging puzzle that is as rewarding as it is difficult. Players will find themselves returning to play Kreus again and again, in an attempt to complete the perfect planet.

March also brings about new special expansions for games that have already been released. The John Howe Special Guest box for Zombicide Black Plague is now at your FLGS. Howe is most well known for illustrating J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. He adds four new Survivors to join the battle. Three new Sins for The Others are also now available. Lust, Envy, and Greed each come with their own Abominations, Controller, and gruesome Avatar. The stories you can tell with The Others just added some new chapters. Want one more? We’re happy to appease. The Krosmaster Collection introduces the Cemetery Park figures. There are 16 different characters to collect, including skeletons, ghosts, and vampires. Each new miniature figure can be plugged into any Krosmaster adventure.

March is ending with a flurry of amazing content from CMON. There is something for everyone to enjoy with these hot releases. Spring is definitely here! New life, new starts, and most importantly, new games! Get down to your FLGS to check them out!


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  • lochmoigh1

    So retail gets Inferno before backers, classy . So classy.

    • Weldon_72

      Not the first time that CMON has done this.. My friend got ticked off, when my other friend bought Blood Rage at Gen Con, BEFORE he got his KS Backed…

      • lochmoigh1

        Well, they burnt the bridge with me. It will catch up.

        • Cergorach

          CMoN is pretty good these days, they have their logistics close to perfection. Of course some fall through the cracks and it looks like your one of those…

          Hawk Wargames forgot about 20% of their backers existed, got their KS pledge months late.

          Palladium is half a decade late with their second wase of miniatures…

          Flying Frog has been selling most if not all the expansions for over a year (if not longer), 90%+ of their backers haven’t received anything beyond the core game…


          CMoN games I can pretty much back sight unseen…

          • Michael Dee

            This is why I will most likely never back a KS.

    • Ghool

      It states this on the front page of every KS.
      I have no idea why people get so upset by this.

      If you actually read the front of the campaign page, and read the ‘Risks and Challenges’ section of the front page, you’d already know that this was a possibility.

      By backing you get a good deal and loads of exclusives. So you have to wait longer for your toys.

      They told everyone that you might have to. So, I’m not so sure why folks get so upset when it actually happens. And if it upsets you that other people get to play with their toys first, perhaps not backing is a better solution?

      • lochmoigh1

        I agree with most of this, except when they screw up, blame me, and I have to wait on them. So in general you are correct, here not so much.

        In the future I know to stay away from the train wreck that is this company’s KS. I have participated in 5 or 6, and they continue to decline in their treatment of the people who back them.

        • Ghool

          Train wreck. Heh.
          You obviously have never been a part of a KS that’s never fulfilled.
          CMoN has the KS model mastered, and the retail release coming before backer rewards is explicitly outlined on their front page of every campaign.

          Could they have better PR? Sure. Any company can. Fact is, they deliver what they say, and always will. Not once have they not delivered.
          Late? Sure.

          But, I’m an adult. I can wait for my toys, and not get offended by everything posted or not posted by anyone. Even if it almost sounds like backers were to blame.

          Honestly though, in the great scheme of things, this is a blip and won’t matter. Expend energy on things worthwhile – not getting mad because retail buyers can buy a base game before you get yours with the extra 10 pounds of plastic.

          • lochmoigh1

            Congrats on your moral high ground.

            You do not however, have all the facts in this specific case, so since I do, I will stick with my original statements.

            Have a great weekend,

          • [n]cognito

            I got my KS over a month ago, was your delayed or lost? My friend had his not show up an dit has been a bit of a headache dealing with it, but CMON just replied and informed him a new shipment is on its way.

          • odinsgrandson

            CMON’s biggest hiccup in their Kickstarters is the actual shipping fulfillment.

            Please correct me if this isn’t true, Polar Bear, but It seems that they don’t hire on additional workers to ship out their massive kickstarter orders- and instead rely on the normal workers shipping orders from their warehouse (leading to long shipping periods).

            And it seems like everyone on the KS underestimates how long this will take, because the retail release often happens during that shipping window.

            The process is especially long and frustrating if there is a mistake with your order- you have to wait until KS shipping is completely finished before they will address any problems (which is reasonable- except that shipping takes them so long).

            But CMON also do fix the mistakes eventually. In the end, I’d say they’re one of the safe ones to back- because they will give you what they promised, and it won’t take particularly long.

          • We did hire extra hands during peak Kickstarter shipping, as well as pull people from other areas to help with things (I’ve helped unload containers several times in the past). Now, they’re using fulfillment centers (both here and overseas for those areas) that are greatly increasing the speed with which projects are being shipped out. There’s hiccups, of course. We’ve also been increasing our customer service personnel to help when issues do come up.

            So yes, issues with shipping were present in the past, but CMON’s doing its best to help fix those issues and foresee others to hopefully cut them off at the pass.

          • odinsgrandson

            Thanks for the update.

            I knew that they sometimes pulled in other people working there (I think it was all the way back in Relic Knights- but the implication was that they generally just let their normal shipping guys do it).

            Fulfillment centers are going to do WAY better for them- definitely a good move. Do you know when the switch over was?

            I think I got to watch the customer service improve during Wrath of Kings (at the start of fulfillment, CS wasn’t very good, but someone new came in and took over, and it suddenly the problem orders started getting solved- and fast).

          • I don’t know exactly when the fulfillment centers came in. Sorry.

            But I can attest that when it comes to getting shipping completed for projects, there’s a definite sense of urgency on this side of things.

  • Michael

    I also got mine over a month ago. And yes, the metric a**load of exclusives and freebies would keep MY grumbling to a minimum.