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March Madness Sale Happening Now At Acheson Creations

I remember working at the Kansas State Athletic Department. Right around now, a whoooooole bunch of signs would go up all around the office areas of the arena, reminding us that March Madness pools were gambling, and thus illegal by NCAA standards, and we could get in serious trouble if we were found participating. That was no fun.
What is fun, though, is getting things for cheaper than usual. And that's Acheson Creations' form of March Madness. You can get 20% off your entire order in their store from now until the 21st. No coupon code required.

From the announcement:

We are unable to attend Cold Wars this year so we are running a sale for three weeks....starting today! The prices you see on our web site are already discounted coupon needed.

Club Members get another 20% already... so for Members its a 40% sale! If you wish to become a Member pay for that first and then Scott will e-mail you when your account is set up...and then place your order.

Just released are our Large Olmec Head ($15USD) and Aztec Calendar ($10), Unpainted.

Another update for our customers.....
We are half way through shipping our Primaeval and Viking Kickstarter pledge levels and should be completed by the end of March.. Thank you and enjoy the sale.”

Sale Ends March 21!