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March Issue of Wargames Illustrated now available

Wargames Illustrated has their March issue now available for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Wargames Illustrated 317, April issue, is now available via the Wargames Illustrated website and Apple App Store.
As well as 124 pages of the best in wargaming, WI317 comes with a FREE 44 page Dust Tactics booklet, introducing you to a weird World War Two world in which the combatants have harnessed alien energy to power new and terrible machines of war.

WI317 Digital is currently available for iPad only (NOT mobile phones, NOT computers),

We have delayed the release of WI Digital for Android and Kindle Fire while our developer updates the software for these devices, which will allow ‘pinch and zoom’.

WI317 will be available in hobby and High Street stores at the end of the month.