March 2010 Infinity releases

Corvus Belli have sent along details of their March releases for Infinity.

Caledonian Mormaers (T2 Rifle) €8,50
The Mormaers are the elite in the Caledonian forces and the most heavily armoured and bulkier of the Ariadnan infantries. Thanks to their Teseum armour, they ignore the enemy fire as it would be a gentle rain. Also, the Mormaer’s powerful T2 Rifle has been optimized with a X-Visor to dominate the development of the battle. This proud Scottish Heavy Infantry is going to make room in your Ariadna army lists.

Salyut Zonds (EVO Repeater Combi Rifle) €27,50
The Nomads are the first to deploy a Remote with an EVO Repeater, an info-warfare device that boost the capabilities of the highly skilled Nomad tactical Hackers. Plus, the Salyut Zonds can be a cheap Total Reaction platform, specially fitted to protect the rearguard. If you want to conquer the cybersphere, you can not miss these exceptional Remotes.

Zerat (Hacker) €7,50
The female Morats are better adapted to stealth and discretion than their male comrades so they specialize in infiltration tasks. Don’t get wrong by their wild and sexy look, the Zerat form a combat and incursion unit that is completely unpredictable, well equipped, and absolutely merciless if provoked.

Dakini Tactbots (Combi Rifle) €15,00
The Dakinis are the tactical Remotes wich compose the backbone of the ALEPH’s Special Situations Section. This light and versatile soldier Remotes are ready to carry out the human A.I. special missions or to support the police operations of the Yu Jing’s Imperial Service. With this release, not only ALEPH players can increase their forces but Yu Jing players can add now a new troop in their Imperial Sectorial Army.

Azra’il (Panzerfaust, AP Rifle) €8,50
Composed by veteran soldiers, this Haqqislamite Heavy Infantry has been created to protect the commerce and the Silk Route. This dynamic model now released is armed with the basic weaponry, a cheap and powerful armour piercing option to take profit of the Infinity Fireteams: Link Troops rule. Being on the Sultan’s service, in the Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Army, or in a generic Haqqislamite army, the Azra’il will become a key element of any offensive strategy.