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Mara Layil and the cast of Angel Punk are coming to a table top near you from Gamesmith

Gamesmith has acquired the license to make a table top game based on the Angel Punk universe.

Mara Layil and the cast of Angel Punk are coming to a table top near you. Relium Media has licensed the Angel Punk transmedia franchise to Gamesmith to develop and distribute a table top game. Gaming opens the door to a rich arena of storytelling for Angel Punk, a story that includes a young-adult novel, live-action feature film, comic book series, and broad social media and web footprints.

Game industry veteran Boyan Radakovich sits at the helm of Gamesmith and helps produce the hit web-television show TableTop, hosted by Wil Wheaton. "Our interest in developing an Angel Punk game was sparked early on. After reading the screenplay, the young adult novel, and speaking with the Relium team, our interest quickly morphed into excitement," Radakovich said. The game will introduce a new style of cooperative gameplay, using elements of both roleplaying and deck building games. The game will add to the Angel Punk story, not merely reflect the screenplay or young-adult novel. This will create new and exciting experiences for fans to explore.

"The Angel Punk world offers a rich and complex history filled with arcane lore and competing factions," said Radakovich. "The story lends itself quite well to game play." Players will choose characters from the existing universe, including the heroine, 17-year-old Mara Layil, or create characters themselves as they match wits, steel and the occasional bullet with baddies all over the world. "Interactive storytelling is one of our core values," said Relium Media CEO Kevin Curry. "The game component allows fans to engage the story in an exciting new way, and even create new storylines themselves." Through the rest of 2012 and early 2013, the Gamesmith team will play-test the game mechanics at various conventions, with a full release coming in the summer of 2013. The Angel Punk saga follows Mara Layil on a journey of discovery as she's thrust into a millennia-old struggle between supernatural dynasties. This hidden world of ancient wonders and dark secrets forces the teen to accept her own power and confront her family's mysterious past.