Mapping tokens added to Jim’s Product Lab

Litko Aerosystems have added Mapping tokens to Jim’s Product Lab.


From their announcement:

Just added to Jim’s Lab. Five different mapping style tokens for use with your games. The tokens can be used for planning table layouts, objectives, or even to upgrade your board games. This is just the first set in a series we are developing for release. Be sure to watch Jim’s Lab for more of these style tokens and more.

Available now:

  • Naval Base Tokens, set of 10 tokens, $4.99 US
  • FactoryTokens, set of 10 tokens, $4.99 US
  • Radar Station Tokens, set of 10 tokens, $4.99 US
  • Airfield Tokens, set of 10 tokens, $4.99 US
  • Train Depot Tokens, set of 10 tokens, $4.99 US

Jim’s Lab is the test section of Litko. Here we release new and experimental products you can buy. These items are only available for a limited time, so if you see something you like, buy it! Items are typically removed after 30 days for evaluation. If there is a product you think would be ideal for us to make, feel free to send me an email at: and I’ll be happy to add it to my To-Do list.