Maow Miniature’s second Sculpting Contest happening now

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 9th, 2013

Maow Miniatures has started up their second sculpting contest over on their site.
Note: The base model is a naked guy. So be forewarned when you click.


From the contest sheet:

Last year, for our first sculpting contest, the aim was to dress a woman anatomy

For this second contest, you will have to dress a male anatomy. You could convert, add equipment, the only constraint will to use the Johnny base.
This beautiful anatomy was sculpted by Patrick Masson.

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  • ferk

    Great idea. I couldn’t see wher eto actually order one though. I live in the USA

    • Soulfinger

      Click on the link that says “English.”

      Not even the warning prepared me for the enormity of that guy’s shlong. I feel so inadequate.

      I need a dozen or so of these guys for my “Naked Decathlons of Ancient Greece” game. Seriously though, I’m in. What a great contest, and so much less emotionally scarring than having someone I knew pose as the male model for my Drawing 101 class back in the day.

      • Ghool

        I have to agree with you Soulfinger. That guy is seriously well-hung.
        Like porn star hung.

        I’ll just be in the corner sobbing about my inadequate private parts.

        • Soulfinger

          The more I think about it, I’m more interested in knowing what the well-hung naked man is chasing after (or running away from). Probably another of the very same model, and one of them is holding a bar of soap.

          • 4tonmantis

            I would be running too if someone broke out sculpting tools and lube..

          • Soulfinger

            I’m thinking Cadian helmet, lasgun in one hand, roll of toilet paper in the other, and pants down around his ankle. He becomes the guy that you set, running for the table edge, next to an Imperial building when it is taken by the enemy.