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Maow Miniatures Dress A Dolly Sculpting Contest

Maow Miniatures has their third sculpting contest miniature up. This time, they're back to females with their "Dress a Dolly" version. Note: It is a "naked" female mini through the link, just in case that might be a bit risque for your workplace.
You have until June 30th to get your submission in.


From the announcement:

If you enjoy kneading fimo, green stuff, brown stuff, magic sculp, milliput, Babybel wax or chewing gum...

If you've always dreamed of sculpting a pretty chick, but never dared because modeling the female anatomy intimidates you…

Then the "Dress a Dolly" contest is for you !!!!

Just one rule : dress (scantily or fully attired) the model created for the contest (available here for 3 euros or from our retailers). Since his hands are empty, you may also equip them...or not.

Once your girl is all ready to go, thanks for sending us pictures to our e-mail address.
The deadline is set for June 30, 2015 (at midnight).

A jury will then gather to select the best design and the winner will see their sculpture come to life in color (thanks to the talents of a multi-award winning painter.)

And that's not all !!! Here's the best part : if the winning miniature is moldable and its creator gives us permission, Maow Miniatures will produce it! In return, the winner will receive a 200 € check for the production rights, 10 resin copies to share with friends, and of course their miniature painted by a renowned painter.