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Mantic's Mars Attacks adds more add-ons, previews more previews

Mantic has made more than 4x their goal over on Kickstarter for Mars Attacks. They've been busy adding in more add-ons as well as posting up preview teases of what's to come.


From the update:

Since the Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game Kickstarter campaign launched on Friday, a phenomenal amount of funding has been pledged by backers across the world. The game was funded in an astonishing fourteen and a half minutes, and plenty of stretch goals have been smashed since - more sculpts for the basic Martian and human troopers, additional hero miniatures, even some exclusive Topps trading cards that won't be available anywhere else!

With five weeks still to go, this game is set to be an absolute stunner - there's already talk of flying saucers, giant robots and huge mutant bugs, so who knows where it will be when it ends on 10th November?

As ever, backers get some incredible bargains when compared to expected retail price, so there's plenty of reasons to head over to the Kickstarter page and get pledging!