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Mantic's Mars Attacks adding Co-op and Solo Play

Mantic has added Co-op and Solo Play as a stretch goal for their Mars Attacks game over on Kickstarter.
Note: The Artwork is by Atlanta's own Heath "BA" Foley.


From the update:

Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game is a very important system for us and straddles the line between Wargame and Board Game, and we would like to be able to draw on both types of gamers.

For the wargamers there's the big bad collect 'em all and field legions of Grunts and squadrons of vehicles side to Mars Attacks; but it's core is the fun, action-packed game-in-a-box, where you can take command of the forces at your disposal and play through scenario after scenario, completing objectives and keeping the Martians at bay - or defeating the resistance and conquer Earth.