Mantic’s July new releases

Mantic Games have posted details of their July miniature releases.


From their announcement:

In just two weeks time, the next dwarven boxes will be shipping out. The Ironwatch, available in both Troop and Regiment configurations, allow you to arm your dwarfs with either rifles and crossbows creating some of the most deadly units in a dwarfen army (well, until the cannons come out that is.).

There are two further further sets released on the 23rd July as well. Firstly we have the Ironbeards. This set of five metal models make for a great veteran unit, and also act as a fantastic alternative front rank for those large Ironclad regiments we know everyone is building.

In addition, we have our next fantasy paint set, this time themed around the dwarfs. The contents of this set is mind boggling with 10 plastic Dwarf miniatures, 6 Warpaints, 1 paint brush, paint guide, mantic point and a large Mantic case all for less than 15 quid.
All of these releases are currently available to pre-order and will be released on the 23rd July.