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Mantic's December Releases Posted

Mantic is certainly wasting no time this month making sure their new releases are available to order. It's only the 1st and the latest releases are over in their webshop. They've got some stuff for both the sci-fi and fantasy side of things.

For fantasy releases, the really big one is The Black Fortress. This expansion brings you a whole bunch of new tiles to build your dungeons with, as well as a new campaign consisting of six missions that continue the story of the original heroes from Dungeon Saga.

Then there's the Rise of the Shadow King gamebook. It puts you in the shoes of the hero. Though, those shoes are kinda dangerous to wear around, as you're expected to go take on the Shadow King, lord of the Undead. Make the right decisions and you'll be victorious. Make the wrong ones and be part of the Shadow King's undead army.

The Sci-fi releases are two different bits of fluff. There's First Strike, a new Warpath novel. Then you've got Containment Protocols, an anthology of stories for Deadzone.

All of these are available to order now, with shipping happening on the 12th.

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