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Mantic's Clash of Kings UK is this weekend

Mantic will be holding their Clash of Kings tourney this weekend. Will you be there?
I won't, unfortunately.

From the announcement:

It’s been a long time coming but the Clash of Kings UK Tournament is finally here!

Players will battle it out over two days to decide the champion of champion – and claim the coveted prize of £1000 cash.

Entry to the public is free on the Saturday 9th if you want to come and see what’s happening, play some games or meet the Mantic Team. Please feel free to come along and join in the evening’s entertainment too!

We’ll have previews of some of the new Kings of War miniatures coming out in the summer.

And, if you want to participate in the event – you can still grab tickets here!

Finally - if you're in the US and want to participate you can pick up tickets for the Clash of Kings US at Adepticon where the prize is $1000!