Mantic warehouse now open – Orc Week next week

Mantic Games are reporting that their new warehouse is open and shipping orders. As well, next week will see a new series of Orc previews and material.

From their announcement:

It’s been a busy few weeks, but the warehouse is now officially open – and orders have now begun shipping out. Thank you for your patience, we couldn’t have wished for a smoother move and everything there is looking great.

All next week is going to be Orc Week on the Blog, here’s a teaser shot of just one of the great pieces we have in the run up to the Orc Krudger’s Gang, Greatax and the awesome Gakamak’s Green Tide Orc Army Deal being released.

Next week we’ll have even more previews, videos, painted miniatures and more, so make sure you check out the Mantic Blog all next week.