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Mantic Wants you to Name That Box Set

Mantic has started showing off some more previews for the Kings of War 2nd edition that will be hitting gaming store shelves this August. But there's just one problem... They don't have a name that they've liked come up yet for the 2-player starter box they'll be making. So they're turning to you, gentle gamers, to brainstorm and help title their new box set. Do you think you can come up with the perfect name and win the grand prize?

Some of the names they've tried were Mhorgoth's Revenge and Mhorgoth's Rising. Your suggestions don't have to include "Mhorgoth" in the title if you don't want to. Remember to keep it snappy. Keep it exciting! Keep it... something you can put on a store shelf without a black bar across it or something I'll have to censor out here when the game is released. :P

The winner will get the new 2nd Edition rulebook signed by Ronnie, Alessio, and the Mantic Games team.

You have until Friday to get your idea in. Simply comment to their thread on their blog (through the link below).