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Mantic Updates Mantic Points Program with Mars Attacks Minis

Mantic has updated their Mantic Points program. Don't know about the Mantic Points program? It's pretty simple. Buy Mantic products, get Mantic points. Trade them in for free stuff. They've updated their program to add new minis from Mars Attacks. Whether you favor towards saving humanity, or vaporizing it, these new figures would be a welcome addition to your Mars Attacks game.
Note: They also let slip that there's going to be a limited edition Mars Attacks supplement going live soon.
Stay tuned.

From the announcement:

Every set of Mantic Miniatures comes with a shiny red Mantic Point – collect ‘em, send ‘em, and we’ll give you free stuff in return.

Today we’ve updated the Mantic Points on offer to include Mars Attacks, meaning you can now get your hands on a number of exclusives you cannot buy in stores.

Pretty cool huh?

For the humans you have Don Manning and Esteban Ramires – they both feature in Mars Attacks: Humanity Resists, and Blaine, part of the Tiger Corps in Mars Attacks: Extermination. On the opposing side, there’s the Martian Zombie (whose rules are in the Limited Edition Compendium going live later this week!) and an alternatively, aggressively posed Martian General Tor.

All of these figures come pre-assembled in coloured plastic so you don’t have to paint them.

Find out how to get yours on the Mantic Website.