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Mantic unlocks new terrain in Deadzone Kickstarter

Mantic continues to bust through stretch goals over on Kickstarter. They've got some new terrain headed backer's way with one of the latest.

From the campaign:

The Deadzone Kickstarter has not only funded four factions of models and a Core Worlds Building Set, it’s now also funded the Landing Pad and Fortified Defense Line Kits as well!

These versatile new sprues can either be built “as is” or combined with the Core Worlds Buildings Sprue to add even more customizability to your buildings.

The new kits are available to add-on to an existing pledge or be picked as a BattleZone option with one of scenery-only pledge levels such as Urban Battlefield ($100) or Urban Wargames Table ($285)

Hurry, there are still some Early Bird pledges left!