Mantic Undead Army Deal ends this weekend

Mantic Games’ Malak Undead Army Deal will no longer be available after this weekend.

Undead Army Deal

From their announcement:

With the Revenant cavalry soon becoming a stock line and the new Dwarf range starting to come out, this is the last weekend you can pick up the Malak deal.

It has over 100 Undead models, and includes 5 metal Wraiths, 5 of the incredible Armoured Skeleton cavalry, a full set of Heroes and Necromancers, and the Undead Pegasus with Vampire Lord.

When you add in the 40 skeleton warriors, 40 armoured Skeleton Warriors, 20 Ghouls and the warmachines you have a truly massive Undead army – easily 2000 points worth, even more when you scatter a few magic items about.

With Mantic models already offering by far the best way to buy a fantasy battle army, this offer is a one off. It was a special offer to celebrate the launch of our Undead Army, so you will not see anything like it again.

So, whether you have a Vampire army that needs just a few more models (!), or intend to start a new army at a sensible price, – please get along to the site and look at the deal. It ends midnight Sunday.

Malak dies Sunday at midnight. Don’t miss it.