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Mantic to Post Kings of War Rules for Free

In this day and age, with so many miniatures games out there (heck, just so many games total), it'd take a millionaire to be able to buy all of them to find out how they play. Thankfully, some companies put the rules for their games up online for free. Mantic's been doing that with Kings of War since the beginning. So what's the point of this post, then? Well, the new edition of Kings of War is also going to be posted for free, and it's going to be done before the game is released.

Next Friday, Mantic will post the 2nd edition Kings of War rules on their website. It'll be a free download and you can go ahead and start figuring out the intricacies of the rules and, if they strike a chord with you, start thinking about what sort of force you may want to build. Also, you can get a version e-mailed to you if you sign up for their Newsletter. 3 lucky gamers will also win a copy of the printed rules when they're available.

I'm a very big proponent of "try before you buy" when it comes to games. So I'll be checking the new rules out, for sure.