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Mantic teases new website design

Mantic is working on updating their website and wanted to show off how things are looking.

From the preview:

One of the things we’re really striving for with the new website is ease of navigation. The current site was great for what we intended it for when it launched but as it’s grown and the range has gotten ever bigger (we always said we’d just make miniatures, who’d have thought we’d ever have five games and a sixth to be added in November!), it’s gotten a bit unruly, a bit slow and a bit out of hand. Ronnie told me just this morning how much he didn’t like the Mantic and Hobby sections. And he’s right, it’s confused and a bit of a muddle, not to mention hugely out of date.

So that’s been my challenge with the new platform, an evolution of the existing system: streamline the journey so it’s a more satisfying place to visit. And you know what? I think we’re on to something…