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Mantic tease Mini-Kick and more

Mantic lets us know how things have been moving along with a couple of their projects, plus a tease at the next one they've got coming up.


From the post:

We are continuing this year and next to keep investing in our two worlds – The Kings of War realm and the Warpath universe. Other licenced properties hopefully will open new doors for the wider range and bring Mantic to more hobbyists – and ultimately that is what I want Mantic to stand for. Fully formed, interesting worlds and universes that can be gamed in.

I want to see a day when every school boy – and girl if they like – has a Mantic Tabletop miniatures game somewhere in their cupboard. It would be fantastic if people think of Mantic as a friendly gaming company that offers great toy soldiers, and fun games at reasonable prices – and as something they would like to spend their free time doing. Obviously the commitment to a skirmish game will be different than for a full mass combat wargame – some fans will be more committed than others. But I hope we can get to a place that anyone who wants to, can access a hobby that whether they enjoy collecting, painting or playing it is open and easy for them to do so.