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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders For New Warpath Releases

Gamers love being the first ones on their block with the latest and greatest releases. If you're a fan of Mantic's sci-fi miniatures game, Warpath, you'll be wanting to head over to their webshop. They've started taking pre-orders for the next set of releases. That includes Operation Heracles, a 2-player starter set pitting the Enforcers against the Forge Fathers (because everyone needs some space dwarves in their life).

From the announcement:

Mantic Games has just launched pre-orders for the first products in its exciting new Warpath range, including the two-player starter set Operation Heracles, rulebooks and more!

Warpath is the strategic, action-packed game of war in the far future. Take control of mighty armies, powerful vehicles, advanced infantry and heroic commanders as you fight across the tabletop to decide the fate of whole worlds. Fight apocalyptic scale battles with hundreds of miniatures on the tabletop or intense squad level skirmishes amongst the densely packed battlezones of the GCPS.

In Operation Heracles, players can choose from the powerful Enforcers or technologically advanced Forge Fathers, as they fight it out for control of the planet Triton. The set comes with everything you need to learn the game, including detailed miniatures, rulebooks and counters. Plus, if you pre-order from the Mantic Games, you’ll receive an out-of-print Forge Father Huscarl miniature for FREE!

Alongside the Operation Heracles starter set, you can also pre-order the Warpath and Firefight rulebooks individually or pick up an exclusive bundle that includes a special slipcase and the Warpath Sourcebook, which gives an unrivalled glimpse into the background of the Warpath Universe.

Warpath will be in stores from April. Check the Mantic website for more details or ask at your local game store.