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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders For New Kings of War Heroes

The Edge of the Abyss campaign is Mantic's summer event for Kings of War. In it, there's several stand-out characters, whose actions will determine the fate of all. If you'd like to add these characters to your armies, you will soon be able to, as Mantic has begun taking pre-orders for them over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Mantic Games is pleased to announce that five new Kings of War heroes are available to pre-order. These characters play a pivotal role in the upcoming Edge of the Abyss summer campaign, which will see Kings of War players around the globe battling it out for the future of Mantica. Due for launch on July 24th, the miniatures are made from high quality resin, which means they're some of the most detailed Kings of War miniatures Mantic has released so far. The characters included in the line-up are (pictures of each are attached):


Plucked from a seemingly simple life of hunting in the jungles surrounding The Three Kings, Artakl is thrust into the harsh world of Mantica to fight alongside her fellow Salamanders. However, her ability to blend into the shadows of the battlefield makes her a deadly assassin who can appear from nowhere and silence her foe with the slash of her blade.


Eckter has spent time both on land and in the watery kingdoms of the Trident Realm. For a time he fought alongside the Forces of Nature against the abominable orcs that stalked the land. Before returning to the sea, he promised that if the Green Lady should ever need his services again, he would gladly provide his spear. In the years that passed, he hoped and prayed that she would never call upon him but with the Abyss threatening to overwhelm the land, it’s time for Eckter to venture back to dry land once more.


Mau’ti-bu-su revels in the torture and destruction of her victims. She will often stay on the battlefield long after the fighting is finished to find those unfortunate souls who are clinging onto the last gasps of life. However, rather than speeding up their demise, she takes great pleasure in prolonging their agony before sending them into the fires of the Abyss.


Unlike many that delve into the forbidden magic of necromancy, Jarvis is determined to ensure it doesn’t corrupt his spirit. In the war against the Abyss, he only resurrects those brave souls willing to fight for Good and leads his shambling hordes with a mix of pride and revulsion. But always there is that tug to darkness and Jarvis just has to ensure the battle against the forces of darkness is not also a war for his soul.


Since leaving her clan, Magnilde has roamed the lands surrounding the Abyss, determined to prove loyalty to Korgaan by bathing herself in the demonic blood of her foes. With each sacrifice she feels herself becoming closer to the ancient god and one day she will return to her clan, ready to lead the Varangur to war against the Abyss… or anyone else that stands in her way.

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