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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders For Asterians For Warpath

Dreadball really expanded the Warpath universe. The game, taking place in the same galaxy, is filled with all manner of alien races. Well, now, one is making its way to Warpath tabletops, coming out of the arena. It's the Asterians. You can pre-order your kits now from the Mantic website. There's all manner of different bundles available.

From the announcement:

The galaxy is in disarray, falling to greed and violence with each passing day. The Asterians have seen all of the galaxy's sins and striven to stay above them, only intervening to maintain the balance of all things. But as the sentient races tear at each other's throats, the Tesseract - the Asterian's leadership, has decreed no more. The Asterians will step out of the shadows and bring order to the galaxy.

This month, the Asterians are deploying their full might, as the military Clades are reinforced with specialists and heavy armour. The most impressive (and devastating) of these is the new plastic Chroma Force Platform (above). This great kit makes a huge anti-grav tank, or the equally large Chira Transporter. You can add one of these to your Warpath army, or even to your Deadzone strike team to bring it up to the right size to play Warpath: Firefight!