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Mantic Special Deal for Game Stores

Mantic wants you to be able to get their products at your local gaming store. They know that the LGS is the lifeblood of the gaming community. They have started a special deal where if you get your LGS to start stocking Mantic, they'll give you a coupon for their products as a thank you.


From the announcement:

Without great hobby stores there would never have been a Mantic, and we’re seeking to reach out to new stores to grow our presence around the world.

So with that in mind we want to hear from you!

If your local store doesn’t stock Mantic and you want them to, simply fill out the form here to let us know who they are.

Games like DreadBall Xtreme have been designed with building our community through retailers in mind.

We’ll then get in touch and, if they take the range, we’ll give you a £30/€30/$50 discount off on our webstore to say thank you!