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Mantic show-off new hard plastic sci-fi Enforcers

Mantic is showing off previews for the blisters and the final painted versions of the new Enforcers they've been working on. No more will they be made of resin, these Warpath models are going plastic.


From the announcement:

The Enforcer Support Booster is a great kit whether you’re wanting to add some marines to a sci-fi mass battle army for a game like Warpath or are looking to create more individual figures for a skirmish game like Deadzone.

This kit is a great addition from a hobby perspective as hard plastic is much nicer to work with. The detail on the hard plastic is much crisper and I’m looking forward to getting paint onto these guys!

The Enforcer Support Booster is just £9.99/$19.99 and contains 6 miniatures, including a sergeant, medic, heavy weapon specialists and even the option to upgrade two figures to Enforcer Defenders.