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Mantic Running a Sale on DreadBall Xtreme

For those of you not in the US, you probably already know about the Rugby Championships that are going on. For those of you in the US... The Rugby Championships are going on. Also for those of you in the US, rugby is a sport that's sort of like soccer and football put together (and I realize non-US readers are going, "that's a terrible analogy" but remember, we're dealing with the US here, of which I am a citizen and always have been). Anyway, Mantic is running a sale for DreadBall Xtreme (which is like a sci-fi form of rugby... kinda...) over in their webshop during the championships.

The box set comes with:
• Xtreme Deluxe Gaming Mat
• One ready-to-play Long Rock Lifers Convict Team
• One ready-to-play Bremlin Nebulas Kalyshi Team
• 9 DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents
• DreadBall Xtreme Obstacles and Accessories
• 2 Sets of Coloured Bases to show who is on which team, meaning you don’t need to paint your models!
• 1 Blaine Sponsor
• 1 Warden Rusolov Sponsor
• DreadBall Xtreme Rulebook
• Dice, Cards, Counters and more!

The sale price is about 1/3 of the usual cost for the set, so you'll want to get in on this if you're a DreadBall fan. The sale goes until 11:59pm Saturday 31st October (I'd assume that's GMT).