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Mantic Rules and Books now available to download from Wargame Vault

Mantic has put all of their rulebooks up over on Wargame Vault. So now you can download them as .pdfs and have them on whatever computer/device you want.

Mantic has gone digital!

We’ve got not one but four of our rulesets and books up on Wargames Vault and with more to come (Dwarf King’s Hold, Kings of War art book and Warpath 2.0 among them!), you’ll be able to download all of your favourite games straight to your tablet or e-reader of choice.

Available in the first wave:

- Kings of War 148 Page Rulebook
- Kings of War 32 Page Mini-rulebook
- Mantic Journal Issue 1-3
- Project Pandora: Grim Cargo

Check out Mantic Games on Wargames Vault now and make sure you’re on our newsletter subscribers list to take advantage of fantastic new offers!