Mantic Releases Free Warpath Rules

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Nov 11th, 2011

Mantic Releases Free Warpath Rules:

From their announcement:

Today is 11/11/11 and the Warpath Rules and Army List are now available for free download!

Warpath First Edition

We’re through the closed beta and we’re now out to Open Beta with the First edition rules. This 16-page booklet contains all the rules you need to play Warpath, including rules for vehicles, flyers, special rules and all the key info on moving and shooting with your troops. It’s a simple, easy to learn ruleset for playing bloody and brutal wars across many galaxies. The ruleset will be included for free in the Fate of the Forgestar, Marauder and Forge Father army sets, as well as being hosted on our website here.


Forge Fathers

While they are far fewer in numbers than humans, the Forge Fathers are renowned across the galaxy for their grasp of advanced technology. For more on the background of the Forge Fathers, click here.

With the first edition rules now released, the Forge Father army list has been tweaked and included new additions such as Drakkarim platoons, Mjolnir Rocket Launcher and Dragon Breath BFGs (one very good at making things explode, the other very good at melting things) and the defensive Force Dome weapon.


Marauder Orx are cunning yet brutal; a lethal combination of Corporation doctrine and an Orx natural instincts. With the new first edition rules, the updated Marauder army has been tweaked and, with a couple of name changes, is now available for free download here.

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  • blkdymnd

    Test driving it on Saturday, rules look easy and simple. GW priced themselves out of my wallet, so I’m hoping Warpath will give me a great alternative.

  • Nightbee

    IGOUGO. That’s practically a dealbreaker for me at this point, unless they have an equivalent like Infinity’s reactive activations.

  • warpcrafter

    If people decide by themselves to actually remove casualties instead of going strictly by the rules, it would be a decent game, but otherwise it’s a no-go. (Think of how long people actually used the horrible close combat rules in second edition 40K before dumping them and using the WFB rules instead)

  • Not really sure why It matters if you remove the casualty or not. Leave the model on the table and look at it like your full unit is there but with reduced effectiveness. Doesn’t affect game play.

  • blkdymnd

    Yeah, I’ve never gotten that complaint either? That’s the difference between a good game or not? I’m actually ok with a game that lets me keep my painted models on the table a little longer. The nerve system is actually one of the mechanics I really like about the system.

  • My only real complaint about the rules set is that, like it’s fantasy counterpart, it doesn’t really have that extra spark of creativity that I like to see in a rules set. Something unique about it that creates interesting tactical decisions that need to be made. All the basics are there and, at first glance, they seem to be okay. Workmanlike. Like something that I might design on short notice… “Okay, I need some movement rules… and shooting… close combat… damage… done!”

    • Nightbee

      Exactly. Much like the miniatures Mantic produces, these rules are by-the-numbers and don’t add anything interesting or inspired. I’d rather see someone try and knock off GW by being more creative than they are (not that difficult at this point), instead of just being cheaper.

    • cannondaddy

      I think that’s a great thing for the fantasy rules, but I’m not crazy about the sci fi rules. I’m really not sure why.

      • Sevej

        May be because WHFB has always been more abstracted than its sci-fi counterpart. 40k is more of a skirmish game with fewer models, so people expect more details.

  • Marauder

    Well the rules are free and they have army lists for the models they produce. Hard to complain too much for free. If the rules don’t do it for you there are lots of systems that can be used for 28mm models where you can develop your own stats. Some free (Fast and Dirty, FUBAR, Warengine and No Limits) and others for a very reasonable price (Defiance, Tomorrow’s war, Gruntz, 5150, etc).

  • I wouldn’t say I’m complaining. I’m merely providing an opinion of the rules. I understand what Mantic is attempting to do. They’re providing a cheap alternative to GW rules and minis. I think that the minis are reasonable. I probably wouldn’t buy them, but I think that they’re doing a good job with them.

    It’s cool that they’re giving away the rules and certainly the reason to do that is to sell minis… but if the rules fail at being fun and/or compelling then you’re only going to capture a small segment of the market with them – just those that care more about how much something costs than how fun it is.

    • I just realized that I actually said that I was complaining in my original post. I’m an idiot… 😉

    • blkdymnd

      Why can’t simple, streamlined rules be fun and compelling? Not everything has to be over complicated to be fun. On paper, the rules are fluid and look fun. The models are functional and worth the price you pay for them (I think the Orx captain is a fantastic model). The rules are free and the models are very affordable, that alone should keep them in the market. And they listen to the community, a lot of the beta to 1st ed changes came from the community suggestions. I’m not a fanboy for them, but I appreciate them giving me a viable alternative to the Evil Empires game. 🙂

      • I think that a simple, streamlined rules set CAN be fun and compelling. I’m just saying that I don’t see it in this rules set.

        • Sevej

          Don’t try to see it, try playing it.

  • scarletsquig

    Give the game a play before commenting, you’ll be surprised at how enjoyable and quick to play it is.

    Another thing in it’s favour is that it has balanced army lists that get regular updates, as opposed to the mess that GW has where you have to wait a 5-10 years between updates and deal with all sorts of underpowered/overpowered nonsense.

  • blkdymnd

    Was able to get our first game in tonight, 1700 points. Plays very easy and smooth. Rules are smart and streamlined, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I made some tactical mistakes with my Orx and the Forge Fathers took the day, but it is decently fun and I think will only get better as the line progresses.