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Mantic release new Elf Army Set

Mantic Games have added a new Elven Army Set to their online store. Elf Army box From their announcement:
Hot on the heels of last week’s Elf Archer pre-order comes the Elf Army Set. Yes, we know we promised it last week but it did cause a bit of an argument. Whilst this set already includes 20 Spearmen, 20 Bowmen, Elf Seaguard, 10 Scout and 2 Bolt Throwers all in plastic, as well as Free Kings of War rules and an exclusive metal Wzard on Horse, we felt it needed something else. So for the first print run only, we’re also bundling in an additional 10 Elf Spearmen absolutely free. As mentioned there is a wizard on horse exclusive to this set, which has been sculpted especially for this occassion after you guys asked for the Army Set. Sculpted by Bob, and painted by the guys at Golem Painting Studio. Let us now what you think below. The Elf Army set is now available to pre-order and will begin shipping on the 14th March.