Mantic previews two new Orc vehicles for Warpath

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 17th, 2012

Mantic gives you Orc players some love with previewing two new vehicles coming out soon for the green tide.

From the preview:

Anything the Forge Fathers do, the Marauders think they can do (though usually less well)!

Whilst the Forge Fathers get a stompy robot, the Marauder have brought some upgrades to the Raptor attack trike, namely the quad upgrade. They also have the Bull, a resin Marauder transport upgrade.

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  • TomasT

    Time to revive that old GorkaMorka-game.. 🙂

  • txMaddog

    ‘ere we go! ‘ere we go!

    Love the look of these!

  • damian

    Good greif they look terrible. More old fashioned, tired looking, half arsed copies of what other companies did years ago. Mantic had so much promise to the gaming community, lots of potential and good will from gamers, that products like this are just an insult.

    The only way they will shift any quantities of the above is if there cheap, that doesnt make it right.

    We deserve better for our hobby and the money we spend.

    I will not be touching them with a barge pole!

  • Kane

    I wouldn’t go as far as Damian but I would say they’re no more than ok – have to say that I haven’t been that struck with the Marauder range as a whole …