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Mantic Previews The Walking Dead Rules

Mantic's Kickstarter campaign for The Walking Dead: All Out War continues to shuffle along over on Kickstarter. But then again, zombies shuffle. It's what they do. With just over a week gone in the campaign, they've made it to over 5x funded, breaking into several stretch goals along the way. To help entice more into the zombie lifestyle, they've posted up an overview of the rules over on their website.

For those that don't like reading just a rulebook, but would rather get a more review-esque style telling of the rules, you're in luck. The summary they put up is... well... much like you'd see from something like a review, really. They go over team building, talk about how the various scenarios follow the plot of the comics, explain how the zombies move and work, and all other such parts of the rules without being dry like just reading a rulebook can sometimes be.

They cover just about everything, so go check it out.