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Mantic previews Ranger concept art

Mantic shows off the Ranger Concept art in their blog.

From their blog:

One of my favourite parts of working for Mantic, besides meeting lots of very talented people, getting to see lots of fantastically painted miniatures and getting to play with all of the new toys early, is getting to see the art and concepts. We’ve got an archive here of stuff that really shows you what goes into chosing a final direction…
Ultimately we settled on a more identifiable “soldier” look and there are three infantry kits being released with the Corporation. Whilst we’ve already shown off concepts for the Marines, the Rangers are a more elite squad of troopers armed with more powerful rifles, drop-packs and heavier armour… here are some of the initial concepts.

What’s really great is the kit is loaded with bits too – the commander gets a pistol and energy fist whilst the troops get the choice between a rifle or special weapon, of which there are nine in the kit, 3 of each design.
Almost always there are some deviations from the Concept Art, so what you see above isn’t necessarily final. But the Rangers are my favourite kit and we’re really looking forwards to showing what’s coming over the next couple of weeks.