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Mantic Previews Next Year's Deadzone Releases

Mantic has a lot coming next year. Lots of new releases for their various games. March will see the official release of the second edition of Deadzone, their sci-fi skirmish miniatures game. Well, more than just a revamp of the old rules is coming. They've got some new stuff in store as well.

There you see a new GCPS mini that's coming. That's because it's part of the wider Warpath launch of the new hard plastic figures. The GCPS will have their own faction in Deadzone. Mantic will be coming out with a new faction starter and booster sets to get you going. There's also some Nameless coming, because everyone likes tentacle horrors from the depths of space.

You can check out the beta version of the GCPS rules now.

GCPS Beta Rules