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Mantic Previews New Orcs for Kings of War

Kings of War keeps rolling along. The new edition seems to be going over rather well and new army lists are being released online. But while army lists might be nice, we know one of the real draws of miniatures games is right there in the title... miniatures. So what does Mantic have up its sleeve for the Orcs?

These new previews were hidden down in a Kickstarter update. We get a look at the War Drum. Drums have long been an incredibly important part of warfare. Giving orders across the battlefield. Making sure regiments stay coordinated and in step. And we all have seen that scene (or a parody of) Ben Hur on the boat with the drummer keeping the tempo for the rowers.

There's also a preview of the Orc Skulks, which will be an upgrade kit for the Orc Warriors in order to give them a bit of a ranged punch in the form of bows and arrows.