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Mantic previews new Goblin Mincer for Kings of War

Mantic is showing off a preview of their upcoming Goblin Mincer (that's a Mincer run by goblins, not something that minces goblins... though now that I think of it, it probably does that, too).

From the preview:

Mantic's Kings of War Summer releases continue with some new releases for their Goblin range. As well as having access to the Trolls that are released in June, Goblin players will be able to pick up the Mincer in July. This steam-powered death contraption rumbles across the battlefield dealing destruction to anyone foolish enough to get in its path. The model's got heaps of character, and will be available to advance order from 24/06/13.

Also available from the same date are the Goblin Heroes. This pack contains three inspiring Goblin characters to lead your army: the Biggit, the Flaggit and the Wiz!

Make sure you've got the Advance Orders page bookmarked and check it out on Monday...