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Mantic previews more Deadzone scenery over on Kickstarter

Deadzone keeps heading up through stretch goals over on Kickstarter. Mantic's showing off some more terrain for the game in one of their recent posts.

From the update:

Lots of you have been asking for scenery add-ons and the good news is that they are coming - later this week in fact! To get us in the mood, here's a little piece on what you can expect from the new sprues...
Concepting a world

All of the Deadzone scenery has been 3D sculpted and will be made from injection moulded plastic. Ahead of the Kickstarter we had some 3D prints done, resin moulds made and some pieces cast so that we could build a gameboard for photography. And what a job Golem Painting Studio did for us…

Read the full update for more details.