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Mantic Previews Empire of Dust for Kings of War

Anyone that's watched fantasy or sci-fi movies knows that there is no greater evil than Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays over photo of the pyramids*
Sun and sand hasn't tempered the fighting spirit of the denizens of that land (or an analog of it, since Kings of War doesn't take place on Earth). The skeletons of those long-dead warriors are on the march and coming to tabletops near you soon.

The Empire of Dust army will be coming to you in two waves. The first is just a couple weeks away, as the end of July will bring you such kits as Skeleton warriors and archers, two types of catapults, and a few other pieces. Then, at the end of August, you'll be getting the Ahmunite Pharoah, Revenant Champion, Swarms, and Enslaved Guardians. However, those that pre-order will be able to get wave 2 stuff before it's actually released. So you'll want to get in your orders.