Mantic previews DreadBall Mech 3D render

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
May 24th, 2013

Mantic posted up some 3D renders of their multi-hex DreadBall mech over on their Kickstarter page.

From the preview:

The DreadBall Mech is one of the new multi-hex items coming for Season 3 – and it’s a beast!

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  • Gallahad

    The Dreadball mech is here, and he is happy to see you!

    • I’m eagerly awaiting mine when they come out. Got my Season 2 stuff in the mail the other day. Still need to put those together, but that’s what the weekend’s for.

      • JRacel

        I got mine the other day as well Polar_Bear. I still have not had time to learn to play. Are there folks playing on the CMoN staff? Maybe I need to hookup with you guys to learn to play.

        • I brought in my copy a month or two ago and gave everyone some demos. We’ve got the Kickoff set in stock out in the warehouse.

  • miniguy

    Wow. I just got my Season 2 stuff as well and I was amazed at the poor quality of the castings and the packaging. Heavy flash, pieces ripped from sprues, and bent/broken pieces.

    I was very impressed with my Kickstarter experience with Zombicide, but Dreadball has given me second thoughts about going in on future launches sight unseen.

  • tuco

    Well that’s not encouraging to hear about the casts when I’m considering pitching in on the Deadzone Kickstart.

  • lochmoigh

    I have the cheerleader package and have not seen the level of flash etc that others have, There is some flash on the minis but overall I have been nothing but happy with mantic. They are flexible and respond if yo have any issues. drop them a email if it is that bad.

  • lochmoigh

    btw, the only reason I have not KS the deadzone package is $$$. If I can get the scratch there is not reason not to get it.

  • miniguy

    I don’t want to come across as overly negative. I have additional pieces inbound from the Dreadball KS (including this mech) which I’d like to be excited about, though this latest batch makes that difficult. My experience may not be representative, as it’s only the bugs and the robots that have really disappointed ni terms of production and delivery.

    I guess this is a risk you run when you put money down on a project based on sketches and 3D renders rather than actual product. I have gone in on a few of the other recent KS offerings, but this has encouraged me to take more of a wait-and-see approach.

    • Compared to a lot of other companies out there, I’ve found that Mantic is better in terms of flash and mould lines and such on their minis. The “other fantasy sports game” that I play, those minis took quite a bit to clean them off of superfluous lines and extra material.

  • JRacel

    @ Miniguy’s comment – “Wow. I just got my Season 2 stuff as well and I was amazed at the poor quality of the castings and the packaging. Heavy flash, pieces ripped from sprues, and bent/broken pieces.”

    I must say I agree. I was disappointed and this keeps me from backing Deadzone. No matter how nice the minis look, I have no desire to clean them all up if they look like these do. On the other hand, I am looking forward to the next expansion for Sedition Wars even those also have minis in a similar plastic as Mantic. I had far less issues with Sedition Wars miniatures than Dreadball. It also helps that I have seen the next set of Sedition Wars minis and they look outstanding!

    • Well, at least Dreadball was playable out of the box- Sedition Wars’ rules were just awful in my opinion, until the revamped ones came out (which were cleaned up by an outside source to Studio McVey). There are still a ton of FAQ and Errata things going on in that game, which makes Dreadball’s rules downright gorgeous in comparison.

      Minis on the other hand…yeah, SW had better minis in terms of mold lines. Dreadball’s had some weird ones to scrape away.

  • blkdymnd

    It sucks that Warpath is the only interest I have in Mantic and instead of developing that, they keep producing side games in the Warpath universe.

    Now, that said, I have gone in with a buddy who is getting Deadzone, so that I can score the Forge Father models for Warpath. This model I will be getting, I did pledge for Dreadball (didn’t end up liking it), this will make a great Enforcer Strider.

    • Ghost

      I think Warpath will be the side game once Deadzone lands πŸ˜‰

  • Klingsor

    I have no interest in Dreadball at all but the mech looks lovely and I want one (or more). Presumably it will eventually make its way into normal sales?

    I think it would look much better in Deadzone…

  • 4tonmantis

    I think there’s a bittersweet thing going on here. It’s awesome that Dreadball and Deadzone (BloodBowl and Necromunda) are out of the way. I presume that we will see a 6mm game, a game with ships, a game with buggies and scrap, and the KoW equivelant of Deadzone (Epic/Warmaster, BFG/ManO’War, Gorkamorka, Mordheim).
    All of those things are cool.. and wow, great for Mantic to be able to explode outward so fast. In the meantime though, they need to start bringing the rest of the models to bare on Warpath’s list and hopefully some better sculpts for some of the KoW stuff to boot. The fact that they have teamed up with Antenociti’s Workshop has me drooling.. salivating.. masticating.. The idea that they might be behind the vehicles is especially exciting to me. Seeing all of the stuff that has been introduced in Dreadball and Deadzone in terms of fluff, the different races, and everything else that we’ve been exposed to (contagion joke), it will be awesome to see these things become playable in a broader sense in terms of Warpath.

  • jedijon

    It sure seems to me that Deadzone is going to be just like Rackham’s Confrontation. A way of Mantic biding time until they’ve got the finances to release Warpath the way the really want to. My guess is they’re convinced the unit buying customer is the only way they’re going to stay in business long-term. So, this is a way for them to feel out which factions are most popular, get some tooling done upfront (maybe not…if these aren’t hard plastic while the WZ ones will be…) and generally leave DZ behind as they make the transition.

    ‘Bout the biggest fear out there anyway. I mean they’re already talking 4×4 board and big guns…Warmahordes took years to get to that point where it really wants to leave its skirmish inspired roots behind completely.