Mantic preview work-in-progress painted Berserker Lord

Mantic Games have posted a photo of a work-in-progress painted sample of their Dwarven Berserker Lord.

From their announcement:

Two things happened last month that may have escaped a few people’s attention. Firstly we’ve recruited a number of people into our Painter’s Circle in anticipation of the second issue of the Mantic Journal, due in September.

Secondly the Dwarf Berserkers and Dwarf King’s War Counsel both went up for pre-order and are released in September (though these sets are also included in Grafe’s Steel Legion launched on the 18th August so you will get these figures super early.).

What better way we thought to illustrate these two points than to show-off the WIP Berserker Lord painted by top-drawer Painter’s Circle member Andrew Wedmore.