Mantic preview the Abyssal Lord’s War Conclave

Mantic Games have posted a preview of the Abyssal Lord’s War Conclave figure set.

Abyssal Lord’s War Conclave

From their announcement:

So, slight break in proceedings as we divert our Dwarf King’s Hold attention away for a brief second to check out these awesome Abyssal Dwarf paintjobs – Golem Painting Studio have only gone and produced blinding paintjobs on the forthcoming Abyssal Dwarf War Conclave set (which by the way, is now available for pre-order)!

We’ve also incorporated your feedback into the sculpts, altering the face of the sorcerer and removing the pipes from the Lord, as well as adding in a few cogs and clockwork to make him a little less… sci-fi. See, we listen!

These figures should be in every Abyssal Dwarf army simply because they are 3 of the coolest characters we’ve done yet. (Please note, the Lord does not come with the display base).