Mantic preview painted Undead Zombies

Mantic Games have posted photos of painted samples of their new 28mm plastic Zombie miniatures.

From their announcement:

It’s official, the Zombies are shipping and, whilst we celebrated by putting up a new Zombies Collector Figure, others have celebrated by painting a few fine examples of these gruesome new miniatures. Andrew Wedmore for instance is up to 10, as you can see below:

As you can see, Andrew has done a truly monumental job with these figures, so why not send us pics to with what you’ve been up to with your zombie kits? We’re hearing great stories ranging from a table covered in a legion of 300 zombies all the way up to sci-fi zombie traitor guard. I think we even have a pic of a english civil war ghoul somewhere too as well…

Remember that the Zombies are available in both Regiment and Horde configurations, giving you 30 and 60 figures respectively (with the options to build many more) and don’t forget you can still pick up a whole shed load of zombies and more in our unbeatable Malak’s Endless Hordes army deal which is now shipping as well.