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Mantic Orc Greatax preview

Mantic Games have posted a preview of the sprue layout for their 28mm plastic Orc GreatAx figures. Greatax Orc layout From their announcement:
We know Orc week has officially ended, but we thought a sneak peek at the Greatax sprue was too good not to share with you all! As you can see, this is a planning layout shot, the sprue is already with Renedra and we will get the plastics back soon, which is exciting. The Greatax have been designed so that they are fully interchangeable with the Ax Orcs, so you can mix and match to add that variety to your hordes. Both the Greatax and Ax Orc sets are great value base kits, we intend to continue to build upon these solid foundations to provide new units and much more variety. We already have a number of projects being worked on, which at the moment already sees at least 6 new unique heads included as well as a significant number of other components. If you want more details on these you will need to keep checking our blog!