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Mantic preview Orc Gore Riders

Mantic Games have posted a preview of their 28mm Orc Gore Rider. Gore Rider From their announcement:
This week is Orc week on the blog. Normally we like to kick off a week like this with a video from Ronnie, but he has been over in the US at Adepticon during the weekend and hasn’t made it back yet. So I thought I would dive straight in and show off some of one of our soon to be new releases: The Orc Gore Riders are on their way to be made into resin-plastic, but just before they left the office I had a few minutes to take some pictures. Please be aware that the Gore and Rider have only been blue-tacked together just to give you a feel of what the miniatures will look like once they are built. This is just one example; the unit will also include a champion, a standard bearer and a musician, as well as a variety of other options.