Mantic preview Hordes army bundles

Mantic Games have posted a new video looking at their Hordes army bundles.

From their announcement:

Hordes is the buzz word at the moment and why wouldn’t it be – they’re now a dominant force on the battlefield.

To make it super easy to get your hands on a lot of miniatures, as if it wasn’t already with the likes of Toben’s Army of Darkness, Grafe’s Steel Legion and Tydarion’s Dragon Host army deals, we’ve put these new bundles together to let you take advantage of being a Horde.

As Ronnie explains in the latest video blog, these new bundles let you build large units, giving you four ranks of infantry with a command group. And of course, we couldn’t forget the Ghouls, so we’ve put together 5 troop boxes as a horde deal – 50 plastic Ghouls? Yes please!

For all of the information of the new Horde bundles and all of the other army deals we currently have running, why not check them out here.