Mantic preview Berserker greens

Mantic Games have posted photos of the greens for their Dwarven Bezerker figures.


From their announcement:

After yesterday’s model went down so well, we know you all want to see… Berserkers!

So here you are (make sure you click the thumbnail for a closer look):

Mantic Games Dwarf Berserkers resplendent with axes and command group, these metal figures are currently only available in Grafe’s Steel Legion, due for release August 18th. These guys look great alongside the plastics and adding a unit of mad, crazed and/or drunk (delete as appropriate) will only increase how dangerous your dwarf host really is on the tabletop.

Hmm, on the other hand, we’re sure someone said they wanted to see Zombies? Maybe next week? Seems like we have a lot to get through before the 31st July when we unleash the Beasts of War!