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Mantic Posts Up New DreadBall 2nd Edition Details

Seeing as 2016 is "The Year of the New Edition," we've got lots of them coming out. As always, people want to know what's going to be changed. People that play the game want to know if their favorite aspects are leaving. Meanwhile, those that don't play because of certain rules are looking to see if they're going away. Well, Mantic has posted up some more details about what's changing and what's staying the same in the new version of DreadBall.

One interesting thing, reading over the page, is that the game is going to turn to pre-assembled miniatures. Think like what you get with Mantic's Walking Dead game. There will also be new teams coming to the pitch. So even if none of the ones that they currently have are your cup of tea, there might be one in the future that does (... an all-bear team?... hmm...).

You can expect the Kickstarter for the new edition to start at the end of July.