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Mantic posts up future plans for DreadBall

Mantic posted up their future plans for DreadBall. How fast will they get to those plans? That depends on how well the Kickstarter does. If the first 10 days is any indication, they'll get here pretty quick.

From the update:

I thought as we passed the monumental milestone of 1000 pledgers now was the right time to share some of the visions we have for DreadBall. While each of the points I make will be covered in far more detail over the coming weeks, I thought an overview would help excite you all to the same level of anticipation I am in with this game.

I have felt from the first time I played the ‘final prototype’ of DreadBall that it was an amazing game, and from the play test days and from every development and feedback session it had gotten better and better. I knew Mantic would be able to support it with amazing miniatures - the last 3 years has allowed us to develop a network of great concept artists, sculptors, graphic designers and painters – and on this project there would be no expense spared. This meant I really felt we would bring a sensational game to the market. With Mantic’s pedigree as a real hobby company I knew could support it – we just needed a great forum to launch it…

When we started the Kickstarter we genuinely had no idea where we would get to. The Kings of War one had taught us a lot, but this was a new venture - so we planned for three scenarios!

For the full interview check out the Kickstarter updates page.