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Mantic posts up DreadBall gameplay video and new stretch goals

Mantic keeps rowing the boat over on Kickstarter for DreadBall. They've finally got a gameplay video up, as well as 2 more stretch goals.

From the update:

It's been a little while coming but...
... here is our basic gameplay video!*

This is only intended as a demonstration of some of the core mechanics, just so you can get a taster of what to expect.We also promised news on shipping dates. The vast majority of the reward levels** will ship in December 2012 (or earlier if we can manage it!), with the following exceptions:

- Everything from DreadBall Season 2 onwards - including Wildcard and the Female Corporation Team.

- Gorim Ironstone, Number 88, John Doe and Buzzcut MVPs

The front page Striker! image has now been updated to show this information.

** reward levels that include painted armies and/or unique sculpts will vary.