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Mantic Posts New Kings of War Preview

An initial version of a game, while it may be playtested extensively and been in development for years, may not always be the perfect game that designers had hoped for. Things crop up that weren't an issue initially. Rules interact differently than originally intended. That's what happens when you go from a playtest group of a couple dozen (maybe. Some are even smaller than that), to hundreds and hundreds as people the world over try your game. That's where a new edition comes in. Well, a new edition of Mantic's Kings of War is coming out and they wanted to let you know what you can expect.

Up there you've got a look at the new cover artwork for the rulebook as well as a peek at some of the pages within. Mantic looked to really make sure the rules were simple to learn. They want players looking at tactical options on the battlefield and not flipping incessantly though pages of the rulebook. They also looked to make sure Kings of War was a combined tactics game. That is to say, there's more than one way to flay an opponent, and they wanted to make sure those options were apparent, yet not written in such a way that there's the "obvious, good choice, and a bunch of worse choices." Instead, there's "good choice A, or good choice B, or good choice C." Now obviously, if both you and your opponent have good choices to make, then you're going to feel you're actually in control of your army and can just play the way you want to.

Are you excited for 2nd edition Kings of War? How do you feel this game will stand up against the other fantasy miniatures games out there?